What Is The Best Skill Required For A Manager?

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This question was submitted by Shameem Hiriyal, a 3rd tier connection on LinkedIn.

My Public Answer was selected as Best Answer:

Hi Shameem,

The best Manager that I ever had embodied the following characteristics:

1. He was always there for me when I needed him. If I had a question, he had an answer or would find one.

2.He was a true people person. The understanding that he had about what makes people who they are, what they do, and why they say things led him to be admired by many.

3.He never asked of his employees anything that he wouldn’t do himself.

4.He did more listening than talking.

5.He was an excellent spokesperson on behalf of his employees. That is, he supported them unconditionally and thereby earned respect and trust.

There’s plenty more qualities that made him, truly, the best Manager I’ve ever had. To this day I still talk to him. He gives the greatest advice ever. I know that you only asked for one skill. But I really think that it’s the combination of everything that makes a Manager who they are – good, bad,or indifferent.

All the best,
Kelly Ann


This post was originally made on December 29, 2009 but was lost due to the malware attack which occurred in late 2011. 


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