How Would You Reinvent Your Business Today?

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This question was submitted by Andrew Ballenthin, a 1st tier connection on LinkedIn

My Public Answer:

Hi all,
I think that no matter what you’re doing, do it well. There’s something to be said for “doing your due diligence” regarding expenses, needs v. wants, efficiency, effectiveness, productivity (etc). A business plan is the most priceless business investment you’ll ever make. Then stick to it, and revamp it as necessary.

Right now the personal connections that people have, and the personal touches that a person can put on their business is what’s going to make them stand out more, and therefore attain what they’re seeking in their business. The days of the big business are winding down, and the wheel has come full circle. We are getting back to the days when entrepreneurialism was a very strong force in business.

I think that having a homebased business / office is a great idea, especially when it’s optimized. You can’t beat the commute, and you’re certainly doing your part for the environment because you’re not stuck on a highway for a daily commute. There are many advantages to having a business in your home, which if you’ve done it you know what they are.

The time and place that we’re all living in will either make or break us. I don’t think that it can get much worse than it already is. We have the tools, knowledge, and resources that we never had before. There’s no excuse for not being successful. We can do it, each and every one of us. Especially when we stick together with our strongest connections.

Rebrand, redefine, blog…do whatever you need to. You will always have the support of those closest to you. There are some great ideas here. I would suggest using your fellow group members as resources. There’s a good group here with some interesting diversity.

The most important thing that I can say is don’t give up and don’t give in.

Hope this helps!

Best Regards,
Kelly Ann


This post was originally made on February 10, 2010 but was lost due to the malware attack which occurred in late 2011. 


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