ANNOUNCEMENT: My Cookbook Comes Out In 2017!


I’m super excited to announce that I have a cookbook that’s coming out in 2017 especially for the nonprofit organization Wellspring International Outreach. I discovered the organization’s founder, international photojournalist Neale Bayly, in a random tweet a few years back when I was taking a break from my studies at university. He posted an article about a motorcycle adventure ride through South Africa that he does every year, and he mentioned that it was connected to a nonprofit organization he founded. While I fell in love with the pictures of South Africa ( especially the lions 🙂 ), it was Neale’s purpose that caught my attention. I immediately tweeted back to him to find out how I can get involved. From that moment on we connected via social media. We shared a vision of giving back to others and doing our part to leave the earth a bit better than we found it. Being the very gifted storyteller that Neale is, he captivated me with stories of his travels around the world.

The thread woven through the conversations we’ve had over the years have always led back to his passion and calling – Wellspring International Outreach. How do we help the kids? How do we help their village? What else can be done? Who else can we contact? With the help of others, some willing to actually stop what they’re doing and travel half way around the world to help, Wellspring International Outreach has been able to help support an orphanage in Peru for disabled children, build a community kitchen and gathering space called “Ouma’s Kitchen” in a village just outside White River, South Africa, and they have other projects coming up in 2017. For the story behind who Ouma is (she’s really amazing!) and Ouma’s Kitchen, you can check out Wellspring’s Facebook Fanpage.

For a variety of reasons, I have not been able to help out with the organization other than through social media. I was really frustrated by this. I wanted to do more! When it comes to children, giving back, and Wellspring I always want to do more. One afternoon I received a message that would change everything for me. Without getting into all the details ( because that would spoil all the fun! 😉 ), the person made a suggestion to me based on my love of cooking and baking. And being a person of ideas, I agreed to that, and then took it to a whole other level. And my cookbook idea was born. So over the next few months I will be doing a lot of cooking, baking, recipe testing, writing … and all that goes into a cookbook. Stay tuned for all the updates on this very exciting project!

If you’re interested in making a donation to Wellspring International Outreach you can do so here .

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